So it’s come to this.

In light of recent events, I intend to help in consolidating all the information regarding the current allegations against Glip here. In the meantime, pardon the bare website. This will just be an aggregate of the posts, logs, and evidence surrounding the current claims. I do not intend to doll up the page with any Floraverse artwork, as I do not want to leave room for a DMCA file against the host.

This will take a little while to get going. I will update this post with an email address to which anyone is welcome to send information shortly.

edit: Mail can be sent to

I understand concerns regarding sending personal information if you are directly involved in the matters being discussed at the moment. Please use your own discretion in messaging. Censoring your own name and personal information and using a disposable email for messaging are both advisable courses of action. If you do not feel comfortable posting it on Twitter/Tumblr/etc, do not post it here (the collected information will be just as public when posted for reading).