Criminal Investigation Options For Victims

The first chat logs provided on this website are between an alleged victim and Marlcabinet while he and PK were living in Nevada. This took place approximately 5 years ago. At the moment, the statute of limitations has not run out regarding these, but it will soon without action being taken.

Digging into criminal statutes brings up this definition that might also be a valid criminal categorization:
NRS 200.720  Promotion of sexual performance of minor unlawful.  A person who knowingly promotes a performance of a minor:

1.  Where the minor engages in or simulates, or assists others to engage in or simulate, sexual conduct; or

2.  Where the minor is the subject of a sexual portrayal,

Ê is guilty of a category A felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS 200.750.

In this case, the penalty is life in prison with parole after 5 years served.

N.R.S. 171.095 protects these children by giving the prosecutor until a child turns 21 to bring charges. If the child does not become aware of the assault by age 21, the prosecutor can commence a case against a defendant up until the time the child victim turns 28.

This means that, if our person was 16 in 2013, they have until their 21st birthday this year to at least file and up to their 28th birthday for a case.

To whomever you are that provided the original logs, please file criminal report with the FBI or your police. The statute of limitations has not run out, and if the investigations accrues significant evidence (very likely if the conversation was through a Google product as they save everything), Marl risks life in prison or the rest of his life on parole as a registered sex offender if convicted. Any legally obtained information pertaining to that case might help uncover any other evidence of abuse to others.


*Note: I am not a professional legal advisor. Please seek one if you do file a criminal case against Marlcabinet and remember that civil options are available in addition to or in lieu of criminal investigation.

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