Regarding Glip’s Statement on the Matter.

It is a lie. That said, a less terse response is helpful. In regards to the messages in the previous post that are allegedly made up, Gapow and Marl both acknowledge their veracity personally. See the image below:

Child predators such as Melanie Herring and her husband do not stop after a stern talking to, and they will not stop so long as their actions are defended under the pretense of there being some grand conspiracy theory pertaining to them. If you are a victim of their behaviors, please file a police report. If you would like to file with the FBI pertaining to child exploitation crimes (remember that you need only be below the age of consent in your home state, not theirs), use the link below to report internet crime (soliciting minors for sex online, sending pornography to a minor, etc):

Contact your local police department if you have been physically contacted as a minor or without your consent from these two and check the statute of limitations in your state.

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