On the Matter of Marlcabinet Soliciting Minors (Archive dump within)

There is more information regarding the several years of Floraverse’s development than one can reasonably expect to organize within a night. As such, the first posts will be striking while the iron is hot regarding the more heinous acts carried out by Glitchedpuppet and her husband, Marlcabinet. Archival links will be used with text summaries for each archived segment of conversation. Reading the links in their entirety is recommended to remove any miscommunication from the text summaries.

In the conversations linked, Marlcabinet not only discusses pornography any other sexual content with a minor, but has the aforementioned person visit. During the visit, Melanie is comfortable being completely nude in the minor’s presence. The below set of links is her own post regarding the matter:







While those links have since been archived independent of the links given in the messages, this sets the initial precedent that Marlcabinet has been discussing sexual activity with minors. Conversation logs will show that he was aware of this, but also aware of his own state’s age of consent legislation. He maintains keen awareness of the legality of his situation throughout these conversations. The links are currently being organized, but here is a dump of the chat logs in their entirety¬† in approximate order:


(Early contact. States age of consent. Offers assistance in creating bestiality pornography with a minor and withholding distribution until after her 18th birthday. States that Melanie herself has been considering as much as well.)


(Further chat logs stating Marlcabinet has been training his dog for bestiality)


(Conversation pertaining to a newly purchased Bad Dragon sex toy and using it with the aforementioned minor)


(Discussion of pornography shifts to a discussion of Marlcabinet making pornography with a minor)


(Conversation regarding the purchase of Bad Dragon sex toy. Possibly the delivery of the aforementioned one considering the discount mentioned in this log. These messages might be out of order.)


(Marlcabinet discusses introducing a minor to one of his escort friends to discuss the prostitution business.)


(Discussing meeting and a possible act of bestiality)


(This conversation takes place after visiting Marlcabinet, Melanie, and Eevee in person)


(Marlcabinet admits to approaching the aforementioned minor sexually when she is in his home.)


(Continuation of above chat. Marlcabinet explicitly states he would like to have sex with her.)


(Conversation regarding the possibility of hooking up.)


(Marlcabinet expresses concern for pressuring his conversational partner, but he does describe his fantasy of having sex with her.)


(Summarized best by this verbatim quote: “Ever since you like, used your age being a forbidden kind of thing it made it way hotter for me to imagine actually doing anything with you like taboo stuff”)

This is the first of the individuals that has come forth regarding Marlcabinet and the entirety of this post unless someone messages stating I have missed log archives from this individual.

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