Now What? (Legal Action Information and Misc.) is not professional legal counsel. Contact a legal professional before, when, or after filing your claim.

Recently, it has been discussed that victims involved in Marl’s and Glitchedpuppet’s deeds are seriously considering seeking legal counsel. For the first logs issued here (which supposedly took place while Marl lived in Washington state), the statute of limitations has not expired to initiate a federal investigation against him. is a neutral third party: Whether or not to press charges is ultimately up to the victim, however, if there is good faith suspicion that abuse has continued or been committed elsewhere as well, reports can also be made by others. Do not flood any agency with reports claiming you KNOW X did Y unless you are a victim filing to seek an investigation and report a crime against your own person. Report suspicious behavior as just that, if you choose to report at all.

Below is all the information I have currently amassed regarding what you should do if you are seeking to report Marl or any other abuser to the authorities, including the relevant information about Washington State’s Statute of Limitations.

“Hey I heard people say the minor in the chat logs thought the statute of limitations was expired in [Washington]. It isn’t and Marl can still be charged with a felony even after moving out of state. See below:
(d) A violation of any offense listed in this subsection (1)(d) may be prosecuted up to ten years after its commission or, if committed against a victim under the age of eighteen, up to the victim’s thirtieth birthday, whichever is later:
(i) RCW 9.68A.100 (commercial sexual abuse of a minor);
(ii) RCW 9.68A.101 (promoting commercial sexual abuse of a minor); or
(iii) RCW 9.68A.102 (promoting travel for commercial sexual abuse of a minor).

There’s still approximately 8 years to face criminal prosecution in the matter If the victim chooses to pursue a case.”


[Chat logs of Melanie and Marl threatening legal action against those seeking a criminal investigation]

[Reporting Melanie’s Patreon Accounts]

[Seeking Legal Action including Criminal Investigation]
To report obscene material sent to a child, a misleading domain name or misleading words or images on the Internet, file a report on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)’s website at:
or call 1-800-843-5678. Your report will be forwarded to a law enforcement agency for investigation and action.

[Filing A Federal Criminal Report in Washington State]

(Filing a criminal report involving child pornography or exploitation of minors with your local FBI Field office)
-Main Office: Washington State
1110 3rd Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101-2904
(206) 622-0460

-Main Office: Nevada
1787 West Lake Mead Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89106-2135
(702) 385-1281

(Report Mail-related obscenities i.e sexual gifts sent to minors)

(Pertaining to the contested accuracy of a conversation timeline. Upper image circa 2012)

[Home is near a High School]

[Archive link to unedited information]


Barring any major breaks in content, this is the last planned update of I wish the victims and those otherwise affected by this situation the best of luck.

Pertaining Melanie’s Artwork (NSFW Drawn – Minors involved)

This has been compiled by an anonymous source. NOTE: This artwork is not safe for work and a compilation of Melanie’s (Glitchedpuppet) artwork involving minors either participating in sexual relations of observing such between adults.


All links and images are NSFW. I’ve included screencaps of specific posts when I could not link to them directly. If any of the links or pictures don’t work please let me know.
PurpleKelceon and Rhodes pornography
Archives from old blog:
Due to the nature of the site I can’t link to specific posts, only full pages. (on this page she confirms her character having sex with children is PMD-E canon) (on this page she talks about referencing the underage sex in the PMD-E finale)
Archive from ForbiddenFlora Tumblr:
The second and third links are repeats from the old blog, but I was able to single them out here.
Archive of a reblog from PurpleKelceon Tumblr:
Picture is SFW but she says she intended for it to be porn.
Toddler N Incest Rape Porn
For this one I only have one archive, the rest are screencaps.

Criminal Investigation Options For Victims

The first chat logs provided on this website are between an alleged victim and Marlcabinet while he and PK were living in Nevada. This took place approximately 5 years ago. At the moment, the statute of limitations has not run out regarding these, but it will soon without action being taken.

Digging into criminal statutes brings up this definition that might also be a valid criminal categorization:
NRS 200.720  Promotion of sexual performance of minor unlawful.  A person who knowingly promotes a performance of a minor:

1.  Where the minor engages in or simulates, or assists others to engage in or simulate, sexual conduct; or

2.  Where the minor is the subject of a sexual portrayal,

Ê is guilty of a category A felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS 200.750.

In this case, the penalty is life in prison with parole after 5 years served.

N.R.S. 171.095 protects these children by giving the prosecutor until a child turns 21 to bring charges. If the child does not become aware of the assault by age 21, the prosecutor can commence a case against a defendant up until the time the child victim turns 28.

This means that, if our person was 16 in 2013, they have until their 21st birthday this year to at least file and up to their 28th birthday for a case.

To whomever you are that provided the original logs, please file criminal report with the FBI or your police. The statute of limitations has not run out, and if the investigations accrues significant evidence (very likely if the conversation was through a Google product as they save everything), Marl risks life in prison or the rest of his life on parole as a registered sex offender if convicted. Any legally obtained information pertaining to that case might help uncover any other evidence of abuse to others.


*Note: I am not a professional legal advisor. Please seek one if you do file a criminal case against Marlcabinet and remember that civil options are available in addition to or in lieu of criminal investigation.

Regarding the Gapow and the Marl Log Leaks.

This is the full conversational thread regarding the leak of the chat logs and Gapow&Marl’s response to the matter in the Discord server.


There have been recent claims that all evidence is doctored. No evidence to support this extraordinary claim has been provided, including the unmolested chat logs that this is allegedly derivative of.

In addition to this information pertaining to the chat, another anonymous contributor has provided evidence of Glip’s intention to do a child/pokemon doujin (which is of no legal wrongdoing, simply a testament of particular behaviors online that coincide with the alleged offline behaviors). It is currently still accessible via Tumblr. can only partially save the page.

Do note the the artwork in question is not by PK.

A Master List of Melanie (GlitchedPuppet/Floraverse) Herring’s Misbehavior

Many props to stopscammingartists and bestofglitchedpuppet because both of those accounts are far faster and very thorough with their information compilation. If either is available for contact, please send an email and I can neatly duplicate what all you have compiled on this site for better SEO.

For other websites, I will be available as @FFinfo on KF pending administrator approval of the account registration.

Regarding Glip’s Statement on the Matter.

It is a lie. That said, a less terse response is helpful. In regards to the messages in the previous post that are allegedly made up, Gapow and Marl both acknowledge their veracity personally. See the image below:

Child predators such as Melanie Herring and her husband do not stop after a stern talking to, and they will not stop so long as their actions are defended under the pretense of there being some grand conspiracy theory pertaining to them. If you are a victim of their behaviors, please file a police report. If you would like to file with the FBI pertaining to child exploitation crimes (remember that you need only be below the age of consent in your home state, not theirs), use the link below to report internet crime (soliciting minors for sex online, sending pornography to a minor, etc):

Contact your local police department if you have been physically contacted as a minor or without your consent from these two and check the statute of limitations in your state.

On the Matter of Marlcabinet Soliciting Minors (Archive dump within)

There is more information regarding the several years of Floraverse’s development than one can reasonably expect to organize within a night. As such, the first posts will be striking while the iron is hot regarding the more heinous acts carried out by Glitchedpuppet and her husband, Marlcabinet. Archival links will be used with text summaries for each archived segment of conversation. Reading the links in their entirety is recommended to remove any miscommunication from the text summaries.

In the conversations linked, Marlcabinet not only discusses pornography any other sexual content with a minor, but has the aforementioned person visit. During the visit, Melanie is comfortable being completely nude in the minor’s presence. The below set of links is her own post regarding the matter:

While those links have since been archived independent of the links given in the messages, this sets the initial precedent that Marlcabinet has been discussing sexual activity with minors. Conversation logs will show that he was aware of this, but also aware of his own state’s age of consent legislation. He maintains keen awareness of the legality of his situation throughout these conversations. The links are currently being organized, but here is a dump of the chat logs in their entirety  in approximate order:

(Early contact. States age of consent. Offers assistance in creating bestiality pornography with a minor and withholding distribution until after her 18th birthday. States that Melanie herself has been considering as much as well.)

(Further chat logs stating Marlcabinet has been training his dog for bestiality)

(Conversation pertaining to a newly purchased Bad Dragon sex toy and using it with the aforementioned minor)

(Discussion of pornography shifts to a discussion of Marlcabinet making pornography with a minor)

(Conversation regarding the purchase of Bad Dragon sex toy. Possibly the delivery of the aforementioned one considering the discount mentioned in this log. These messages might be out of order.)

(Marlcabinet discusses introducing a minor to one of his escort friends to discuss the prostitution business.)

(Discussing meeting and a possible act of bestiality)

(This conversation takes place after visiting Marlcabinet, Melanie, and Eevee in person)

(Marlcabinet admits to approaching the aforementioned minor sexually when she is in his home.)

(Continuation of above chat. Marlcabinet explicitly states he would like to have sex with her.)

(Conversation regarding the possibility of hooking up.)

(Marlcabinet expresses concern for pressuring his conversational partner, but he does describe his fantasy of having sex with her.)

(Summarized best by this verbatim quote: “Ever since you like, used your age being a forbidden kind of thing it made it way hotter for me to imagine actually doing anything with you like taboo stuff”)

This is the first of the individuals that has come forth regarding Marlcabinet and the entirety of this post unless someone messages stating I have missed log archives from this individual.